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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about OSHA

Our courses are provided through an OSHA Approved Authorizer, HSI. Hence, our OSHA Safety training is OSHA Approved and helps you meet your compliance. Furthermore, our Customer Representatives will gladly assist you till you get your DOL Card or even after that for relevant queries.

Every construction site worker is entitled to the construction standards. Our 10 Hour OSHA Construction health and safety training course includes a general overview comprising 29 CFR 1926 construction site standards. If you seek work at Construction sites, it includes construction, demolition, or even renovation. In addition, the General Industry OSHA 10-Hour certification course covers regulations that reinforce 29 CFR 1910 and teaches you about businesses, including manufacturing, warehousing, and retail.

The scores you obtain after finishing the OSHA 30 Hour construction course and 30 Hour General Industry ensure you achieve an advantage over other candidates applying for the job in any industry. Furthermore, employers appreciate candidates who complete their safety training course.

OSHA safety training teaches you how security is important at your job site and is designed to meet your job requirements. In addition, you get a detailed understanding of on-site health and safety hazards by completing your 39 Hour OSHA Construction safety training course. It also trains you to guard the safety of yourself and your co-workers against any dangers.

According to Article 8 in Public Work Contract (PWC), New York mandates OSHA Construction safety training for all employers connected to a workplace with potential safety hazards. NY state requires all employees on the most dangerous sites to get trained under the OSHA 10-Hour NYC construction training.

40 hours are needed for construction worker training for anyone employed under any hazardous construction site. You are required to attend OSHA 10 Training NYC and OSHA 30-Hour Training NYC to finish your OSHA hours.

Once you are done with your New York safety training, OSHA 10 NYC does not need renewal as it does not expire. However, you must renew your safety training after five years to be updated about the dynamics of site hazards due to the changing site safety policies and regulations.

The kind of OSHA certificate you must obtain depends on the industry you’re employed in. For example, if you pick a sector related to General Industry, you must take NY OSHA 10 Hour General Industry. On the other hand, if you are a construction worker in New York who is required to obtain SST training cards must finish either the OSHA 30-Hour or the 10-Hour Construction NYC course that is particular to the state of New York.

Yes, it is acceptable. The Department of Building (DOB) standards in New York mandates OSHA safety training, assisted by voice authentication.

New York 10-Hour General Industry training program is for employers at the initial stages of commencing their career in any general industry, such as warehousing, retailing, healthcare, distribution, and more.

To pass the OSHA NYC 10-Hour General Industry training course, you must score 70% or above marks.

Despite NYC OSHA Cards not having any expiration date, according to Local Law 196, OSHA cards need to be renewed every five years because of the changing laws and safety practices.

New York State Law mandates NYC 10-Hour General Industry certification and other safety certifications for employees who work at a job site exposed to possible safety hazards.

Yes, following the state law of New York, every employer who falls under the category of a site worker, site supervisor, foreman, construction engineer, site project manager, and anyone who is directly or indirectly exposed to construction hazards is obligated to receive their OSHA 30 Hour NYC certification.

According to the state Local Law 196 New York, 30-hour Construction Training NYC is the essential certification to avail if you are employed under a worksite with predictable site hazards.

OSHA 10 Hour construction is an online training course comprising initial construction sites and potential safety hazards. It also assists entry-level construction site workers in comprehending the basic knowledge of site safety and its risks.

The only difference you need to understand between OSHA 30 Hour and OSHA 10 Hour is that OSHA 10 Hour is for Entry-level workers or workers planning on starting their job in the Construction or General Industry. In contrast, OSHA 30 Hour is designed for workers pursuing Supervisory or Managerial roles in Construction or General Industry.